Our Mission

→ Enable frictionless liquidity for all cryptoassets
→ Build open, neutral & autonomous protocol for liquidity
→ Become the solution that enables global finance of 21st century


Our unique solution enables putting all assets into one shared liquidity pool – unlocking unparalleled efficiency.


Native reserve token improving security and aligning incentives of key network participants. The total supply of HDX is a function of liquidity provisioned.


HydraDX is designed to communicate with other networks. Ethereum based assets will be ultimately liquid on HydraDX.


HydraDX is an open and permissionless protocol governed by its community of users, liquidity providers and validators.


HydraDX is a natural swap solution for all assets built on Substrate and in the fast-growing Polkadot ecosystem – a place to bootstrap liquidity.

Why HydraDX

In the old financial world, liquidity is fragmented among many gatekeepers, protecting their business interests, profiting from the upside, while socializing the downside. The cost of liquidity is also high because legacy technology consists of siloed databases.
Blockchain is changing this unfortunate reality by providing an open and universally accessible technology layer for transaction settlement and asset exchange.

However, the dominant blockchain application platform – Ethereum – suffers from being a general platform for many varied use cases – the network is getting clogged and fees are high.
In order to achieve the optimal properties, HydraDX is built as a parachain – specialized blockchain in the Polkadot network. It is benefiting from shared security, speed and flexibility of the Substrate framework while remaining optimized for a single purpose: enabling fluid programmable value exchange.
Thanks to planned interoperability between Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems, Hydra will tap into Ethereum’s liquidity, talent and community, merging the best of the both worlds. 


Q2 2019
→ Idea of building cross-chain liquidity protocol
Q3 2019
→ Building tooling for Polkadot
→ First Uniswap like POC

Q3 2020
→ Invented new AMM / CFMM model
→ POS chain, built asset registry while waiting for XCMP
→ Built tool to compare different AMM models
→ Added basic governance functionality
→ Planning for future use-cases

Q4 2020
→ Started a hack-net
→ Finished system specification of invented CFMM design
→ Added transaction payments in exogenous tokens
→ Added in-block order matching

Q1 2021
→ LBP token distribution
→ Connected to Rococo testnet
→ Conducted one of the first cross-chain token transfers
→ Became part of Berkeley blockchain Accelerator
→ Finished core model of our pool

Q2 2021
→ Start incentivized testnet
→ Finish tweaking of our pool model
→ Release first version of HydraDX-js SDK
→ Finish new improved UI

Rest of 2021
→ Running mainnet
→ Implementing other financial instruments (options, lending, derivatives, synthetics)
→ HydraDX becoming a go-to liquidity protocol & cross-chain swap hub


galactic council

Hydra DX is developed by Galactic Council – Substrate oriented dev house building indy & cool stuff, with the goal of improving the Universe.